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Kinsio Taping Coach 

Discover how to finally apply, treat, and increase performance with this expert designed course.

Kinesio Taping Coach (KTC) is a 1 part 2 day kinesiology taping certification lead by leading experts and gurus in the mechanical assessment, treatment, and performance industry. KTC simplifies movement and how muscles function as a complete system. We make it easy to follow so you can learn to tape and help people, heal and perform better instantly. We don’t try and make you do 2 or more certifications to become a master. We believe we can instruct you effectively in our 2 day workshops that will explode yourself into a more confident instructor who can produce faster more effective results which means you will be desired and wanted by more customers.

KTC Mastery Course: We simplify and cover the theory, application, and address movement patterns and applications you can apply to instantly improve neurological, myofasical, performance enhancement, rehab, and treatment for pain.

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This certification is dedicated to Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, and Other Health Care Practitioners. This course is designed to provide the ability to correctly apply and understand the theory behind Fascial Taping. CEU’s may be offered for DC, LMT, PT, ATC and CMT – depending on location and class type.

Dates to register now:

 2 Day Course

Phoenix: February:  20-21st: Sold Out

Los Angeles: March 12th-13th Sold Out

New York:  April 9th-10th Sold Out

Phoenix: August:  27th-28th Sold Out

Los Angeles:  September 10th-11th Sold Out

New York:  September 24th-25th Sold Out

Scottsdale:  November 24th-25th Sold Out

KTC Complete Master:

This course simplifies mechanical patters in the body to understand proper Kinesio taping applications. We cover the latest trends and scientific research in relating to the application of taping for purposes like performance, edema/swelling, inflammation treatment, neuropathic pain, scar treatment, posture improvement, and structural function. All supplies need for the course are provided.

Course Objective:

Intro to theory and why taping works

Understand the physiological benefits and effects of taping

To simplify the application procedure to make you able to easily apply kinesio tape to instantly get results with rehab, pain, scars, performance, posture, poor motor programs, alignment, instability, inflammation, and healing.

Introduce proper sequence and what to look and listen to so you know where and what to tape to provide the best results.

 Understand mobility issues to correct other poor motor programs.

 Cost is: $499

Dates to register now:

3 Day Course

New York:  April 6th-10th Sold Out

Phoenix: July 21-24th Sold Out

Phoenix: Dec 16-18th 

Certified Mobility Master (CMM)

Finally a course that makes you a specialist in human mechanics, mobility therapies, and enhancing human performance. From power rolling, power balls, rehab, re-integration, performance enhancement learn the most basic to most advance therapies involved to assess, correct, and  improve performance in any individual from pain free to elite performance.

 4 day course

 Price: $1276

 Course Objective:

 Discuss and Explain the training methodologies to improving and enhancing mobility through all possible modalities.

The tools and how to use them when you need them when working with individuals. 

The quick and Dirty way to improve and enhance performance. 

The most advanced stretching, taping, rolling, poking, prodding, and other aides to use.

 The physiological benefits in using these modalities.

 Assessments in joint mobility and dysfunction to quickly assess and implement.

Dates to register now:

4 Day Course

Phoenix: October 13th-16th