POWER TAPE it when you want improved performance or faster recovery

Maximize Performance, Maximize Healing, Increase Your POWER!

Power Tape increases Human Healing and Performance by applying simple relief to the skin lifting up the tissue and allow for increase circulation, blood flow, and allowing for more movement aiding in the facia demands on the body. Powertape has been proven to increase mechanic movement to improve performance by allowing your muscles to recruit in the proper sequence and actions. It also improves the movement by placing the body in more enhanced alignment to be more efficient in any movement.Be cool put In on daily to aide you anywhere and everywhere with your life.

Power Tape was designed for human efficiency and performance. This tape is to protect and help you maintain an increased level of performance over a longer period of time. You can use this tape to increase performance, reduce recovery, improve mechanical movement to increase safety in your sport or life.

Research has proven that this tape will reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, improve lymph drainage, and reduce inflammation and other toxins during regular life or high demanding activates. You can apply this tape practically anywhere which it makes it more versatile than other aides out on the market.